Imperial stout brownie

Sweet, dark and full of character. Something that you do not need a lot to feel the full flavour. It’s best to take it responsibly and maybe share it with friends. Imperial stout and brownie. What can be better that these two combined into one?

You will need:
• 165 ml Imperial stout
• 180 g salted butter
• 270 g dark chocolate
• 225 g sugar
• 110 g all purpose flour
• 40 g cacao
• 3 drops of vanilla extract
• 3 eggs

How you do it:
• Start heating the beer on low fire.
• You can pour the rest of the beer into a glass. Let’s call it a chef’s privilege.
• As soon as the beer starts to boil, take it off the heat. Add butter and chocolate.
• Stir gently.
• If your ingredients do not melt, you can put your saucepan back on low heat. But do not boil it. Remember – you will need your batter warm but not hot before adding your eggs.
• Add vanilla extract.
• Sift flour, sugar and cacao into the batter.
• Do not forget chef’s privilege. Not in a saucepan! Use your mouth instead.
• Batter will be clumpy. But you still have to be capable pouring it out in the end.
• When your batter is still warm (not hot!) add eggs. Keep mixing but hold your horses. Stop as soon as everything is nicely combined together.
• Pour your batter into 20 cm x 20 cm cooking tray. Use baking paper.
• Cook for 20 – 40 minutes in 180 C.
• Leave your brownie to cool off completely. Enjoy.

Our advices:
• Imperial stout characteristics goes well with this recipe. Oak and vanilla notes will only improve this dessert.
• For the base recipe we recommend Sakiškių Imperial stout or Father Midnight imperial stout. If you’re after something more special, Sakiškių Tonka Bean Braggot mead will do the trick. We use Tonka beans in it. It has plenty of vanilla, cherry, almond, cinnamon character that will eventually soak into your brownie.
• Beer is perfect for this recipe because of the hops in it. Hops are bitter and this bitterness will eventually help balance out the huge sweetness of this dish.
• We recommend mixing everything with spoon. Do not use any machinery or gadgets. If you whisk everything too hard, your brownie may be as solid as a brick. Just combine everything together. Do not over work it.
• Baking time depends on your cooking tray. If you follow this recipe exactly and use 20 cm x 20 cm cooking tray, 20 to 25 minutes cooking time should do the trick (it all depends on how thick is the batter layer and our oven in general). If you change the thickness of your batter, cooking time may be different.
• You know your brownie is ready when it has a tiny crust on top. Try gently shaking your cooking tray – your brownie is supposed to stay relatively hard and is not supposed to wobble.

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