The best brewery and the best beer in Lithuania in 2016

Every year the largest public beer rating platform Ratebeer releases it’s annual top list known as RateBeer Best.

That’s how the best brewery, the best beer, the best new brewer gets selected. And that entirely depends on your votes. On 3rd of Feb The best beer / brewer/ new brewer by country was announced. Drum roll..

Sakiškių alus has become the best brewer in Lithuania in 2016. And our Barrel aged Imperial stout is officially announced the best beer brewed in Lithuania in 2016.

We worked really hard to get there. Last year we have expanded our capacity by adding two more fermentors, new brite beer tank, bottling machine. In order to do that we had to disassemble our small brewery, get new floor and new drain system done and put everything back together. We feel honored and we promise not to stop with new interesting beers and quality improvements. Btw, congrats to our colleagues in Latvia – Malduguns and Pohjala in Estonia!

Talking about barrel aging. We have new beer ready to go into rum casks that are on the way to us. It’s barley wine. We will put it into barrels first thing tomorrow and who knows, maybe we will have a winner for the next year?

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