Brewing equipment for sale [SOLD]

Due to the brewery modernisation works ahead we are selling our 500 ltr brewing equipment.

  • Boil kettle / mash kettle with lid – 550 ltr, 3 cm wool insulation
  • Lauter tun with lid and mash filter – 400 ltr, 3 cm wool insulation
  • Gas burner 21 kW
  • Riser with stairs
  • 1000 ltr hot liquor tank – 12 kW heating element, 5 cm insulation
  • Pump 1,5 kW – vortex type
  • Osmosis filter 60 ltr/h
  • Alfalaval heat exchanger – 500 ltr of boiling wort to 17 Celsius in 20 min
  • Large particle filter before the heat exchanger
  • Alfalaval pump – LKH-10/134 1,5 kW
  • Siemens frequency converter – waterproof
  • Keg washer / Cip station – two kegs or one keg at a time, two washing fluid containers, two pumps, 4.5 kW heating element

This kit is perfect for low budget start. As you can see this is not factory made, it’s not automated and there are no fancy technical solutions involved. The whole brewing process is labour intensive, but we managed to run around 80 000 ltrs of beer on it already and it’s still in perfect shape and in use at our brewery. More than that – according to Ratebeer, Sakiškių alus was voted the best brewery in Lithuania in 2016. We would be more than happy to let it go to new caring hands.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Linas:
Linas Zakarevičius
+370 659 30 056

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