Sakiskių alus + Drama burger = pastrami beer


We are known for turning strange things into beer. Recently we made a collab with Distilerija. Guys own a bar in central Vilnius and they wanted their own beer, something unique that no one around has. Well, so we made them a Gin Tonic IPA. This time our friends from Drama burger gave us a call and asked if we wanted to brew pastrami beer. Hell yeah! That’s how we roll.

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We’re not here to adapt to the situation. We’re here so you would change.

Sakiškių alus Linas Gedas

Sometimes Lithuania’s commercial brewers act like some sort of partisans. The less you know about them the better they feel. Some of them have nothing much to tell about themselves, the others are just pushing you the idea of modern experimental crafty stuff while hiding their macro heritage in the shadow and the rest just let the rumors talk about them. However we are not that type. From the very beginning we are loud and clear, because we like to talk about what we do and we have nothing to hide. We’re “Sakiškių alus” – a micro brewery run by a couple of home brewers who couldn’t bear brewing quietly in their garages and kitchens anymore.

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