Sakiškės brewery goes into beer canning

We are extremely happy to announce about enormous changes that will soon be noticed by our clients and final customers – we go into canning.
While the changes are still taking place there may be situations where we will have mixed packaging. But our main goal is turn into canning completely.
Just a decade ago canning was associated with big beer exclusively. It was extremely expensive, difficult to maintain and was usually designed around large scale production. Situation changed when more and more craft breweries came into play. Engineers around the world started offering small scale canning solutions. More and more breweries joined this trend and now canning became a benchmark in craft beer packaging around the globe. We’re happy we’re joining this trend.
We understand that glass bottles have a lot of supporters and for some people our decision may be painful and difficult to understand. We feel we have to explain the situation in detailed manner:

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New page in Sakiškės brewery

“Sakiškių alus” was born in 2015 in the small village of Sakiškės, near Vilnius. 2020 in late autumn, in the middle of quarantine, after renovation works, we moved to new spacious premises in Smoke factory, located in Vilnius, Dūmų street 5. The new place is so spacious that it contains not only bigger brewery, but also tasting bar with 24 taps and a venue for cultural activities and various events, accommodating up to 1000 participants.

After moving to the premises of the former scythe factory, we change our logo. In the new logo, you will find the contours of the place where we are located, fermenters that reflect our activities and the waves of the river, and maybe beer, flowing in both Sakiškės and Naujoji Vilnia. From now on, “Sakiškių alus” will be called “Sakiškės brewery”, as most of our products travel to foreign countries, and the number of foreigners in Lithuania is constantly increasing. While hops are certainly what our products are about, at the same time, we are a brewery that nurtures the culture of modern brewing.


Pork ribs with Blackcurrant brut ale glaze

Pork ribs belong to the holly trinity of the BBQ along with beef brisket and pulled pork. When we usually talk ribs, we have smoke and bbq glaze on our minds. However not everyone has an access to a grill.
We will show you how to make delicious ribs in an oven (although you can follow the same instructions and do it on a grill). We can assure you – if you follow our instructions, you’ll end up with perfect, tender, fall of the bone ribs. What is even more important – we will not use any sugary sauces and we will experience some new flavors and aromas in our endeavour. And we will achieve that by using Sakiškių Blackcurrant Brut ale in our recipe.

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Thank you Metenis! We’ve spent a nice weekend in Riga.


If you follow us on social networks you’ve probably noticed  that we have spent our last weekend in Riga. Metenis craft beer festival was a blast and we were one of the 13 participants from the Baltic states, Norway and Netherlands. Stepping into it’s fourth year Metenis has grown from one day event to two day festival. The only thing that has not changed since the beginning – it’s organised by  Labietis – Riga based brewpub. Continue reading “Thank you Metenis! We’ve spent a nice weekend in Riga.”