Sour Pilsner

OG: 1.045
FG: 1.009
ABV: 4.7%

IBU: 19
EBC: 8

Ingredients: Pale ale malt, wheat malt, carapils malt, Citra hops, orange zest, Safale W34/70 yeast, water.

The sun is out and the season for lighter and crispier beer has started. This sour pilsner was fermented using our house lactobacillus culture and traditional bottom fermenting lager yeast strain. Light body and thirst-quenching sourness goes extremely well with dry hops and spices that were used after the fermentation. As usual – everything that goes into our beer is as natural as it can be. We used Citra hops to bring out some fruitiness and hand peeled orange zest for deeper citrus flavor.