Rhum Room Barley wine

OG: 1.098
FG: 1.021
ABV: 9.6%
IBU: 46
EBC: 40
Ingredients: Pale ale, Crystal malts; Summit hops; Wyeast 1056 yeast; water.

Another BA beauty from Sakiškių alus – rum barrel aged Barley wine. This beer has seen the day light a as collab brew with Rhum Room restaurant in Vilnius. These guys are focused on rum and Caribbean food exclusively. Meantime we are focused on making kick ass beers.
What you’ll get in a bottle is 9.6 abv beast. On the nose it’s full of citrus zest, brown sugar, tobacco, coconut. It all ends up with the same avalanche of flavours in your mouth that eventually leads to warming effect.

Food pairing: goes well on it’s own.