Orange and Lemon zest Pale Ale

OG: 1.052
FG: 1.012
ABV: 4.3%

IBU: 21
EBC: 12

Ingredients: Pale ale malt, Crystal malt, Brown malt, flaked oats; orange and lemon zest; Citra hops; AY04 yeast; water.

This beer was brewed almost spontaneously. We had totally different plans for our brewday, but all of the sudden just over one night our country went into quarantine due to Covid-19. We realised that the situation we got in is far from ideal for the future of our company.
We had to brew something during the lockdown by using only the supplies we already had in stock and something to celebrate the #SupportYourLocalBrewery idea.
We’ve decided to brew Pale ale, using our beloved Citra hops and orange and lemon zest that we had originally prepared for another beer. This pale ale had to be light – just 4.3 abv but we did not want it to be watery, thats why we used a combination of Crystal and Brown malts along with our Pale ale grains in the process.
#SupportYourLocalBrewery idea has already been famous before the days of the lockdown. It was calculated that every American lives just within 10 mile radius to a small brewery. This hashtag was used to support small local beer business and encourage people to buy locally crafted product this way cutting the need for additional distribution (it means lovering the CO2 emissions). During the Covid-19 crisis this hashtag has become even more important because many small breweries almost stoped their production due to a huge drop in demand. Places where they used to sell the majority of their products are simply closed because of the quarantine. Thats why every sold bottle counts and there are online shops to help you help us stay alive.  #SupportYourLocalBrewery idea became alive in Lithuania and so we dedicated this beer to celebrate it.