Mezcal infused Imperial Blonde ale

Stilius: Imperial Blond Ale

OG: 1.097
FG: 1.018
ABV: 10,2%
IBU: 51
EBC: 12

Ingredients: water; malted barley and wheat; agave syrup, mezcal, toasted oak chips; hops; beer yeast.

This imperial blond ale brings a lot to the table. At least a few layers of complex flavours and a few brewing secrets.
Agave syrup makes it really fruity and helps us to ferment this beer to relatively low final gravity, at the same time keeping the flavour full and bold.
Cherry wood smoked malt imparts a mild smokiness which gets even a bit rounder from the French oak chips that we used in the secondary fermentation. Prior to adding it into the beer these chips were toasted and soaked in mezcal – distilled alcoholic drink made from wood fired toasted agave plants.
It all combines into this one multilayered beer that will perfectly suit those who call themselves beer snobs.