Maple Stout

OG: 1.070
FG: 1.018
ABV: 7,2%
IBU: 38
EBC: 72

Ingredients: water; malted barley; maple syrup, fenugreek; hops; beer yeast.

This American style stout does exactly what it says on the tin. Dark colour, light brown head, chocolate and coffee on the nose.
However it is a bit more than just well put together classic stout example. There’s a few layers of spices that pop up in the aftertaste and aroma of this ale. These spices – 100% natural Canadian maple syrup and fenugreek seeds.
Maple syrup or concentrated maple sap was used in the boiling process and in the secondary fermentation. It adds a subtle sweetness to the aftertaste.
Fenugreek is rich in sotolone. This aroma compound brings in burnt sugar and nut qualities to the glass.
All together these spices make this beer richer and rounder without overpowering it with artificial flavours.