Imperial stout

OG: 1.095
FG: 1.025
ABV: 9.2%
IBU: 75
EBC: 200

Ingredients: Pale, Munich, Special B, Chocolate, Caramel dark malts, roasted barley, oatmeal flakes; Chinook hops; brown sugar; Wyeast 1056 yeast; water.

Dark and full of roasty character this is big and complex brew. Originally this beer style was born as an export beer made by British brewers and consumed by monarchs in St. Petersburg. Strong enough to withstand long voyage by boat in the stormy seas and bold enough to compete with wine that was also consumed in high profile parties.
In order to infuse some barrel character to this beer we have aged it on oak chips along with some chopped vanilla beans.
It’s good for ageing. Just make sure you keep it in cellar temperatures.

Food pairing: chocolate dessert, steak.