Hemp seed kveik NEIPA

OG: 1.060
FG: 1.011
ABV: 6.0%

IBU: 44
EBC: 8

Ingredients: Pale ale malt, flaked oats, flaked wheat; Citra, Amarillo, Mosaic hops; hemp seeds; Hornindal Kveik yeast; water.

This time we brewed a collaboration beer with Christiania Bryghus from Copenhagen. These guys are famous for brewing all their beers with hemp seeds.
Beer style we shaked our hands on is a well known New England IPA. We brew a lot of it, we drink a lot of it, so naturally, we really love it. However, we enjoy learning new things and techniques on the way so we decided to try something new.
The whole world is crazy about the Norwegian farmhouse yeast nowadays. That magic bug is called Kveik. It ferments at crazy high temperatures (we’re talking 40 degrees Celsius here) and is able to reach terminal gravity over night. The most important thing: it creates these super fruity esters as it ferments. What a perfect match for NEIPA beer style. The specific Kveik we have chosen is called Hornindal. Hornindal creates intense orange peel aroma that goes really well with Amarillo hops (that we used a lot of) that are also well known for it’s orange like qualities.
Together it created a murky beer, that smells like a bag of oranges, pretends to be a glass of multivitamin juice and.. don’t forget it has hemp seeds in it. You may find some hemp character in the aftertaste or maybe in your colourful dream later.