Hard Seltzer

OG: 1.037
FG: 0.996
ABV: 5%

Ingredients: barley malt extract; glucose, sugar; beetroot juice, red currant berries; Brewferm Champ yeast; water.

2019 was far from the best year for the American beer market. While the total consumption of beer shrinked, the market was absolutely dominated by this new trendy beverage that everyone was craving for – hard seltzer.
Hard seltzer is an alcoholic beverage created by fermenting sugar and then spicing it up with artificial flavors and food grade coloring. Hard seltzer is mostly produced by large breweries.
Meanwhile, craft brewers divided into two categories. Some people would not make hard seltzer because their principles would not let them produce alcohol out of simple sugar. The other part was focused on infusing hard seltzer with natural ingredients exclusively, creating premium category within this niche.
We love chasing trends, we love trying new things first. Our hard seltzer was created in collaboration with Tanker brewery from Tallinn and this marks the very first case in the region when this beverage was ever brewed commercially. We wanted to infuse our hard seltzer with natural colors and flavors that are common to our Baltic region. That’s why we made this drink pink by adding natural beetroot juice to it. Beetroot juice brings loads of strong earthy flavors and to balance it out we added some red currant berries that bring just enough sourness.