Coconut Lime Berliner

OG: 1.034
FG: 1.006
ABV: 3.5%

IBU: 7
EBC: 6

Ingredients: Pale ale malt; flaked wheat; Summit hops; lime zest, coconut flakes; AY04 yeast; water.

Mild sourness from the lactic fermentation, lime zest zing and sweet coconut flavor combine together and create the canvas of this beer.
As usual, we soured this beer using our house lactobacillus culture. We harvest this bug from the malt skins where it naturally lives.
When the fermentation was slowing down, we hand zested lime fruits and toasted a decent amount of coconut chips in our wood fired pizza oven. This combo was then added to the secondary fermentation.
Lover viscosity and lively carbonation push the drinkability bar pretty high. At the same time toasted coconut creates the perception of sweetness on the nose and the flavor making it taste well balanced and rounded.