Brut Ale with grapes

OG: 1.050
FG: 1.000
ABV: 5.5%

IBU: 23
EBC: 8

Ingredients: Pale ale malt, wheat malt; white grape juice extract; Kazbek and Nelson Sauvin hops; Brewferm Champ yeast, water.

It’s fair to say that this brew was inspired by our previous experiment – Black Currant Brut Ale. That time we played with red wine characteristics and this time we were in a white wine game. We wanted to create beer, that would resemble fruity white wine.
This was achieved by mixing pale ale wort and different concentrated white grape juice normally used in wine production. Champagne yeast fermented this hybrid to the bone dry level and this has definitely helped to push the grape character trough. After fermentation we dry hopped it with Nelson Sauvin hops which is New Zealand variety that is really famous for it’s fruity Sauvignon Blanc like aromas.
The final result is white in colour. The aroma is dominated by white wine character. Meanwhile the taste is pretty multi layered. At the very beginning there’s a lot of grapes but the aftertaste comes with an elegant grain character to it.