Bready Rye Ale

OG: 1.051
FG: 1.014
ABV: 5.3%

IBU: 15
EBC: 30

Ingredients: wheat malts, rye malts, fermented rye malt, dried rye bread; hops; yeast; water.

This is the most bready beer we have made to this day. When we started designing it, we decided we are going to overfill this brew with rye so it has as much rye bread character as possible.
We believe that rye bread represents our region in a much broader way than just gastronomically. Bread plays an important role in the family holiday rituals, agrarian ceremonies. People show great respect to bread and it’s considered to be sacred.
Along with base malt and some specialty malts rye was thrown into this beer in three different shapes. The first and the most known is malted rye. Then there’s fermented rye malt that is mostly know for being widely used in kvass production. Along with all those malts we introduced some wood-fired oven-dried rye bread loaves. They were added into lautering process in order to extract even more rye character.
The smell of this beer resembles kvass. In the taste rye adds a rich bready note to it while being slightly spicy but crisp at the same time. Rye is rich in beta glucans. This adds incredible viscosity that can’t be confused with anything else.
Continental hops balance out the sweetness of this beer without introducing too much fruitiness. Along with neutrally fermenting ale yeast this lets the rye character shine trough.